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You will be added as authorized user for 60 days. This will boost your scores and improve your credit report. During those 60 days you should apply for the credit cards and loans that you want.
If you wish to extend the term please contact us for pricing before the 60 days expire.
After 60 days you will be removed as authorized user. The tradeline will no longer appear on your credit report and won't be factored into your credit scores. Transunion tends to show the tradeline longer than Equifax and Experian.

Add Authorized User Request Form

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Bank Of America $300
Age: 10+ years
Line: $18,000

Discover $400
Age: 5-7 years
Line: $15,000+

American Express $400
Age: 8+ years
Line: $5,000+

Barclays $400
Age: 3-4 years
Line: $10,000+

Citi Card $400
Age: 3-4 years
Line: $10K- 12K

CapitalOne $200
Age: 5-6 years
Line: $2K - $2,500

Chase Card $200
Age: 4-5 years
Line: $2K - $3K

3 Tradelines $900
Discover $20K (6 age)
Barclay $11K (4 age)
Citi Card $10K (4 age)

4 Tradelines $1200
Barclays $11K (4 yrs)
Capital One $2,500 (6 yrs)
Citi Card $10,000 (4 yrs)
Chase $3,000 (4 yrs)
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Note: Your information will not be shared with the investors. You will have to contact them directly.