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Commercial Loans

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Commercial Loans

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400Bankers.com in an online direct commercial lenders database that has over four hundred approved commercial banks, commercial lenders, commercial mortgage brokers, and private investors. Applying for commercial loans has never been easier. We have access to trusted and licensed commercial lenders nationwide.

100% Rehab Financing

Up to 100% rehab financing for residential and commercial properties. Some include 100% purchase with 70% ARV (after repair value). ARV is important when you shop for a rehab loan. If the current appraised value is higher than the purchase price you may use the equity in the property to borrow funds. For more details and how to acces this source of funding Click Here!


"Creative Financing For Any Property" If there's a possible way to structure a deal with no money...it's in this guide! Now includes easy way to riches! How to purchase properties with NO DOC, NO CREDIT CHECK, NO MONEY and NO LIABILITY! For more Click Here!

Join Inner Circle - Business Credit

Need business credit for down payment or purchases? Join Business Credit Insiders Circle And Put An End To Personal Guarantees! Unlimited Cash Without Personal Guarantees... For more Click Here!

JV Partnerships

Found a property with strong income? Buy with no money down in exchange for % equity share. For Details - Click here

Commercial Loans

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Learn how to structure creative deals. How to structure commercial real estate deals like a pro.

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